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Q. How does it work?

A. EcoWater softeners extract the minerals that are the cause of hard water. The average EcoWater home extracts 70 kilos of scale-forming elements (rock) each year. The minerals are then washed away using a salt solution. Salt (sodium chloride) is not added to the water you use.

Q. Should I leave my drinking water unsoftened?

A. It is usual, where practical, to leave one tap unsoftened. As part of your site survey we can advise on options for your drinking water.

Q. How much will it cost to buy or rent?

A. As each household's needs and installation requirements vary, we offer a free no-obligation site survey to advise on a water softener.

Q. Will I save money in the long term?

A. Yes, after as little as one week you will notice a minimum of 50% decrease in the amounts of detergents and soap powders that you are using. As softened water removes existing scale from the hot water cylinder and boiler you will benefit from a reduction in water heating bills, and appliances such as your washing machine will last longer.